Pizzeria - Bar - Restaurant inside

Restaurant Camping Nuovo

Enjoy the flavors of Tuscany directly at the Camping

At the Restaurant Bar Pizzeria inside Camping Nuovo it is possible to taste fish, meat and pizza dishes. A la carte menu with typical dishes, meat and fish specialties and a variety of pizzas and desserts.

In the morning Brioches, sweet and savory pastas are available for those who want to have breakfast and go immediately to the beach!

Photogallery: Restaurant

Pet Allowed

Pets allowed: we have a "Dog Area" where your 4-legged friend can run and have fun.

Camper Service

A Camper Services is available inside the campsite.

Wi-Fi Internet

A WI-FI Internet connection for guests is available inside the Camping.


Spend your evenings inside Camping Nuovo, we have a team of expert entertainers.

Bungalows 4-7 People

Wooden and masonry bungalows for 4-6 people and 6-7 people with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and veranda.

Tree Check

Since 2020 we have entrusted with the care of our plants at the Studio Urbangreen, specialized in the field of the evaluation of vegetative conditions and tree stability e in risk management arboreal.