Camping Nuovo

Tuscany (MS) in Marina di Massa
La Partaccia Camping Nuovo

La Partaccia is known as the Camping area of Marina di Massa, in this area, located between Marina di Massa and Marina di Carrara, there are in fact many campsites, including Camping Nuovo.

La Partaccia and the Shopping Market

Camping Nuovo is located in Via Baracchini 20 meters from the center (shopping market) and 400 meters from the sea, the main road that connects the beach to the small center of the Partaccia where the Shopping Market is located

The Shopping Market of La Partaccia is the ideal place to find anything useful for campers on holiday in Marina di Massa.
You will be able to find tools for the home, garden, Fashion Clothes, food products (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and drinks).

The Partaccia beach is characterized by fine sand, pine forests all around and the fantastic panorama of the Apuan Alps behind.

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Fino a:

Pet Allowed

Pets allowed: we have a "Dog Area" where your 4-legged friend can run and have fun.

Wi-Fi Internet

A WI-FI Internet connection for guests is available inside the Camping.


Shaded parking available inside the Camping.

Camper Service

A Camper Services is available inside the campsite.

Bungalows 4-7 People

Wooden and masonry bungalows for 4-6 people and 6-7 people with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and veranda.


Spend your evenings inside Camping Nuovo, we have a team of expert entertainers.