Sea & Pinewood

Tuscany (MS) Loc. La Partaccia
Marina di Massa Camping Nuovo

Marina di Massa is a tourist resort located in northern Tuscany on the border with Marina di Carrara and the Versilia Coast.

Among the hamlets located in Marina di Massa we point out La Partaccia, the camping area in which our Campsite is located. The Partaccia is known for its pine forests, the beach and the sea, and the spectacular view that can be enjoyed from the sea: the Poets' Gulf and the Marble Quarries of Carrara (Apuan Alps).

The events, concerts and festivals in Marina di Massa but also the Partaccia are various, to be definitely noted the White Night at the beginning of summer and the night of the Fireworks in late summer to greet the tourist. Throughout the summer the festivals where you can taste the traditional food of Massa are numerous and located a short distance from the Camping, some can also be reached by bike!

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Fino a:

Camper Service

A Camper Services is available inside the campsite.


Shaded parking available inside the Camping.

Bungalows 4-7 People

Wooden and masonry bungalows for 4-6 people and 6-7 people with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and veranda.

Tree Check

Since 2020 we have entrusted with the care of our plants at the Studio Urbangreen, specialized in the field of the evaluation of vegetative conditions and tree stability e in risk management arboreal.

Pet Allowed

Pets allowed: we have a "Dog Area" where your 4-legged friend can run and have fun.

Children's Playground

Area dedicated to the entertainment of the children with slides, houses, table tennis and futsal field.